They met working at Abercrombie, he was her manager, she was the cute new girl and cheerleader. It was a forbidden romance and I’m so glad it happened. Cassie and Drew are such a beautiful couple. When Cassie moved to Seattle from Idaho last year, Drew followed her here within months. They decided to tie the knot in their new city and embraced Seattle by getting married at Golden Gardens Beach, on an overcast drizzly day, no less.

It’s also worth mentioning that the wedding dress Cassie changed into at the reception belonged to her grandmother, who passed away before Cassie was born. It was a perfect fit and she looked darling in it. I love that weddings have a way of bringing family, history, and tradition together in one big celebration of marriage. We loved this wedding so much.

Hotel  :  Ballard Inn  |  Venue  :  Golden Gardens Bathhouse  |  Catering  :  Portage Bay  |  Wedding planner  :  Simply Wed

Words by Julia | Photos by Julia & Yuriy Manchik