Phuong and Mykel bought our very first travel calendar and have been following our work ever since. It was so neat to connect with them about travel (they met while living in Japan and travel often), the Seahawks, and so many other things. We were really excited to travel to Brooklyn for their wedding and finally meet in person. The wedding took place in a beautiful, old brass foundry with exposed wooden beams and brick in an industrial part of Brooklyn. It was an unusually humid and rainy day, but we still managed to get outside for some photos. The wedding was themed around Phuong and Mykel’s love of music and travel… guests from around the world pinned on a map where they came from and signed their names on vinyl records in lieu of a traditional guest book. The live band was a hit, because the dance floor was absolutely insane, both before and after the dessert truck break. We’ve never been to a wedding with so many guests traveling from overseas, but we’re not surprised that so many people love Phuong and Mykel. They have become good friends and we hope to travel together someday.

The day after the wedding, we got together with Phuong and Mykel to take some casual photos in their favorite NYC neighborhoods since we didn’t do an engagement shoot. We’ll share those photos on the blog next.

Words by Julia | Photos by Julia & Yuriy Manchik

Venue: The Green Building | Band: The Gold Magnolias | Florist: Foxglove | Dessert Truck: Coolhaus